Hey Wow! It's me in that book!

Hey Wow is an exciting brand new children’s book publisher launched by uber-creative couple Lorna and Daniel Freytag in 2016 via Kickstarter. Their first book "In the City" is a smart personalised seek and find picture book which allow little readers to spot themselves within busy city scenes. With their joint talents, they aim to bring ‘a bit more WOW into kids lives’, and judging by our own excitement… this counts for parents too. Here, we catch up with Lorna to find out more about their plans. 

Anorak: What led you to launch Hey Wow?

Lorna: As a children's picture book illustrator and kids fashion photographer I’d been wanting to find a way to fuse together my passion for illustration, photography and books. Being constantly exposed to great books with two young kids of my own, the idea of a stylishly illustrated seek & find picture book featuring real children exploded into my sketchbook!  I’m also extremely lucky to have a very supportive husband who happens to be a talented Graphic designer and Art director who thought it was a great idea worth pursuing.

Anorak: What is the idea behind Hey Wow?

Lorna: We wanted to create a beautifully designed, personalised picture book for kids with a strong visual style, unlike most of the personalised kids book out there- something that style-loving parents would appreciate too. So with Daniel's design-led eye and obsession with fonts and paper stocks and my photo/illustrational style we created our first book ‘In the City’. Children love being the centre of the universe and engage immediately with anything featuring themselves. With a seek & find book, where they can look for themselves rather than another character, there is an element of excitement and then the satisfaction of finding themselves within the book that makes them feel rewarded.

Anorak: Where do you find inspiration?

Lorna: Retro designers like Paul Rand and Saul Bass play a huge part. Current children's book  illustrators like Chris Haughton, Soppy Henn and Britta Teckentrup are also very inspirational with their bold styles and strong colour palettes. I worked part -time for many years in children's bookshops in London (then Sydney) so having browsed so many great children's books my inspirational pool is vast! Living constantly in a child’s world as a mum playing games, doing crafts, pretending to be everything from zoo animals to shopkeepers also keeps my imagination fired up

Anorak: What inspired you as a child?

Lorna: Born in the late 70’s and growing up in the 80’s i was surrounded by everything from E.T, Star Wars and Transformers to Roald Dahl and Care Bears, all of which have probably rubbed off on to my work.  Road Dahl’s stories were particularly inspirational,  as they conjured up amazing images in my mind. James and the Giant Peach, The Witches, The BFG- all fantabulously brilliant!

Thank you Lorna and congratulations on hitting your Kickstarter target! If you would like to get your hands on early copies of "In The City" featuring your child, personalised wall prints and other great rewards, you have until March 18 to back Hey Wow's Kickstarter campaign here.