Anorak goes to... HULL!

We are SUPER proud to announce the addition of a new magazine to our roster, HELLO HULL!

A quarterly magazine for kids commissioned by Hull, City of Culture 2017, it is  all about encouraging primary school kids to explore their creativity and embrace the rich history and culture of their city. 

Distributed in primary schools and printed on our trademark luscious matt paper, it is part activity book, part logbook, and is a place for children to record their cultural journey and keep as a memento of the City’s special year.

Beautifully illustrated by some of our favourite artists (including those from Studio Anorakit includes a fun poem about a Toad and a Girl, plenty of games, drawing missions and interesting facts about the City of Hull. The cover, celebrating all things 'Made in Hull', was wonderfully drawn by Louise Lockhart, aka The Printed Peanut

Issue One was sent out last week and it's been super well received by teachers and pupils alike. You can see below what they had to say about it. *BLUSHING*

There are talks of a PDF version being available to download soon, so we will let you know when that's live. 

This is a DREAM project for us and we are super thankful to Team Hull City of Culture for trusting us with such a fun and important project. Unto issue 2 - out in February!

For more info on the fabulous cultural programme Hull City of Culture has in store for 2017, click here. If you would like to commission Studio Anorak for any fun creative projects, email me here. Thank you!