Anorak Hero: Sabine Timm

An artist who uses little things and huge bags of imagination to create delightful art is to us a hero. That artist is Dusseldorf-based Sabine Timm, who picks little abandoned things on the beach and turns them into exquisite scenes and characters. We find her daily posts on Instagram a never ending source of inspiration, as she proves time and time again that there is creativity all around us and it doesn't have to cost a penny. 

"I've been doing these beach trash scenes since summer 2008. We used to spend our holidays near the North Sea, when my son was little and a bit bored.... I wanted to entertain him and I began to create funny characters with beach trash I found. We called theses guys 'beach beauties'. "

"I think my love for abandoned little things started in my childhood. At the time I didn't know you could call this art but I just loved collecting pieces of broken porcelain and arrange them into scenes, like in a Museum of Archaeology."

"It's always so exciting as you never know which treasures you might find. It makes me so happy seeing all these colourful, sun bleached, forgotten and damaged things by my feet, because with them, the creative possibilities are endless."

Thank you Sabine for opening our eyes to the wonders of 'little abandoned things'! You can follow Sabine's adventures on Instagram here and on her Flickr page too here