A new issue of Anorak has been printed, sent out to our subscribers and delivered to our beloved Happy Stockists. HOORAY!

Its theme is MUSEUMS and showcases some of our favourite museums around the world, as well as those we would love to build one day, like The Extremely Silly Museum or The Clouds Museum. 

by  Inma Lorente . 

This issue marks the beginning of a new format, where we pack more stories, games and fun learning pieces than in previous editions (yes that's possible). We have introduced new sections such as NATURE IS FUN, CYCLING IS FUN, FOOD IS FUN, all filled with great bits of info on said subjects and some silly jokes too. I am particularly proud of our new PLAY IS FUN section at the back all illustrated by Miguel Bustos. 

This issue's guest illustrator is Barbara Dziadosz who did a magnificent job of both the cover and the feature. Incidentally the cover wraps around the back, which makes me a very proud publisher. 

There are plenty of fun and beautifully illustrated stories by Branche Coverdale (The Sick Yeti), Jay Wright (The Dog Alphabet), Andrea Chronopoulos (The Turtle Who Went Away) and two great students from Winchester School of Art, Wu Fan and Holly Burrows. 

And for those of you who enjoy the vapours of freshly inked paper, we can confirm it smells delicious too.

Get yours here or from our beloved stockists here. Thanking you for your support.