Anorak = OUR WORLD

Volume 44 (44!!) of Anorak is now ready to purchase from our beloved stockists or from our online shop. It celebrates OUR WORLD, the beautiful planet we live in and share with so many amazing creatures. Part geography lesson, part history lesson, this issue is sure to inspire and awe our little readers about the wonders of OUR WORLD. 


This edition has invited Moscow based artist Viacheslav Vystupov to be our guest illustrator, giving us a cover to die for and an amazing feature. 

We also welcome a few new characters such as Dr Notverywell who collects terrible childhood diseases such as Stickyourtongueitis and Suckthumbitis and a fun duo called The Time Travellers. We tell the story of The Girl in the Tower who, while on a trip around the countryside, gets stuck in an old castle tower and we chuckle at the news in a new broadsheet called Silly World News. 

by Robbie Cathro 

by Robbie Cathro 

We interview explorers Hec Turner, Jade Hameister and Mike Perham who tell us about their adventures skiing, running and sailing around the world and get an insight into what it is like to be a globe maker thanks to Jade from Bellerby & Co


We learn how to make a telescope, thanks to our Queen of Make Julia Staite and have fun playing games such as Guess the Flag.

by Lorenzo Motatore

by Lorenzo Motatore

Not bad for one issue, huh?! Oh and last but not least, all UK shipping is now FREE until the end of the year. Lucky lucky readers.

We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed making it.

Cathy x