Anorak Summer Fête Fun!

Woah! What a day we had in Dalston yesterday! It is all a bit of a blur, but it is a colourful blur, full of sunshine, smiles, silly fun and happy vibes with some lovely old and new friends.

I was just about to write a long post about our day but then, Lotte showed me the fabulous poem she had commissioned the Poetry Take-Away's crew to write. It sums up wonderfully (and accurately) how the day unfolded, and in a much better way than I could ever express. So here it is:

Summer Fête (without anoraks)
The Anorak Summer Fête filled the square with fun
The special guest that came was the Dalston sun
Good old fashioned playing no computers in sight
Jumping and dancing a day full of bright
Giant egg and spoon race brings a smile to the face
Dalston's never been such a fun filled place
Children playing bingo for the very first time
If this day was a steak, it would be prime!

There were many magical moments but my personal highlights were seeing all the wonderful portraits kids made of our resident Great GrandPa, Poet and Illustrator Roy Edwards in his Draw Me, Draw You workshop and the surprise visit of world famous clown Mattie and his gang of merry policemen!

A MASSIVE thank you to Hackney Council (especially the indefatigable Lucy), Dalston Square Residents Association, Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, to all the fabulous journalists and bloggers who helped us promote this event, to all of you who came down (we hear there were over 500 of you!), to the doodlers, makers, scribblers and volunteers who made it happen. You are all LOVELY!

See you next year!

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