Anorak Summer Fete.

Rob Flowers's Hole in the Head Art.


We are all getting a bit excited at Anorak Towers as our Summer Fête is taking shape. Here's what you can expect so far!

Anorak's Happy Kids Bingo Hall. "Is it a POO or is it a TWO?"
Rob Flowers' Head in the Hole art. (Nothing violent, don't you worry.)
Tane Williams' Pin the Beard game.
Katey Harvey's Hop Hop Hopscotch.
Manuel Grinon Montes Finish that Happy Scene Live Drawing.
Grace Easton's Colouring Wall.
Orson's Make me a Totem workshop.
The Poetry Take-Away's Rhymes on Demand.
Carousel's Teddy Bear Picnic at the delightfully peaceful Dalston Eastern Curve Garden.
Anorak's Make Me Something Station with Ladybird Plates making, Driftwood painting, Spoon Pals making, Paper Pizza decorating, Monsters drawing and more!
Delicious Food by Route Cafe.

And more! (More announcements later in the month)

Will it be fun? Err.. YESS! Will the sun shine? Err... Pray, pray for us!

Reminder - it's on August 31st from 12 to 6pm. Dalston Square. Nearest station: Dalston Junction.

Tell us whether you are planning on coming here.