Anorak's Guide of Fun Things to Watch during the Festive Season.

Ministry of Silly Walks by our heroes Monty Python.

Anything by the Monty Python is a guaranteed fun family watch but The Ministry of Silly Walks is a favourite. "I have a silly walk and I'd like a government grant to help me develop it." Pure genius.

Morph by Aardman.

Morph is back, hooray! The geniuses at Aardman (makers of Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep) have remained faithful to the original Morph, which makes it that much more enjoyable for the whole family.

Pancake Mountain TV Channel.

The singer M.I.A giving kids fitness lessons? That's Pancake Mountain for you! It's riotous, perfectly bonkers, anarchic and definitely not to miss. So pleased to see they are back with regular shows on American network PBS. Welcome back Rufus Leaking!

La Linea episodes.

I used to watch La Linea everyday when I was a kid and so grateful that these episodes are available to watch online. They have not lost any of their charm, still much fun to watch. Such a simple concept and yet so evocative and fun!

Not much on telly? Bored of eating turkey and of the Queen's Speech? Don't worry, we have plenty of fun stuff to recommend you watch over the festive season, altogether as a family. Merry Watching Everyone!

Money by Mimi Leung.

Fun money mash-up with a super catchy little tune, by the fabulous artist (and Anorak contributor, don't you know!) Mimi Leung.


Clarence is our new favourite pal because he is so so keen on seeing everything that is good in life. With sometimes some not so good consequences. Another cracking show from our friends at Cartoon Network, who brought us Adventure Time and The Regular Show.


Toca Boca Nature.

More play than watch in this case but this dreamy trailer for Toca Boca's new app, Nature, is just too cute not to mention.

Manolito's Dream by Alla Kinda.

I stumbled upon and fell in love with this sweet little film when visiting The Kid Should See This, an amazing site that curates nice curious things to watch on the internet. Their animation section has some lovely short films that will keep the whole family entertained and delighted too.