The Beano is 75 years old this year. Can you believe that? To celebrate, Dennis, Gnasher and the Bash Street Kids have settled at the Southbank (London) for the whole summer. Part exhibition, part museum, part Beano park, it is full of great activities, brilliant workshops, fascinating facts about the history of this legendary comic AND of course plenty of silly jokes. Definitely worth a visit, as it has plenty to do for everyone, big or small, young or old!

“Beanotown is a town where you can become Beano for the day. It is really good fun. You learn stuff there like I was surprised to read that the Beano was only in colour in 1993. I played ping pong, went into Beano’s tree house, and did some shoot out game with a nerf toy. My favourite bit was the Gnasher workshop, where I learnt how to make a Gnasher out of clay with Jim Parkyn who is the guy who made the original Gromit. He was really kind and talented. All that is for free as well!”

Oscar (11 years old)