Draw Me Something: Cachete Jack.

When O went to... Brighton!


When O went to... Tokyo!


Cachete Jack STUDIO!


Inside their sketchbooks!


DRAW ME SOMETHING is a series of interviews with our beloved contributors! Or it's just an excuse to be nosy and discover where they work from and the insides of their sketchbooks!

To celebrate the return of our travel guide "When O went to..." illustrated by the fun duo Cachete Jack, we go behind the scenes to find out a bit more about these two drawing senoritas.

Where are you from?

We are from two different small towns in Spain: Nuria was born in Torrent and Raquel in Alcañiz but we met in Valencia at university in 2006! After that we have lived in different parts of Europe (France, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany and UK) and... we keep moving! Sometimes we live in the same city and sometimes we just work by Skype!

Why do you draw?

Drawing is necessary to be ourselves. We started drawing when when we were kids and for us it's still the easiest thing to express ourselves. Ideas come in the form of images so it's just the way we understand the world.

What do you like most drawing?

People is the topic we draw more of but what we like most drawing is joke portraits of friends!!

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration is about being curious and experimentation. It's everywhere: streets, people, traveling, friends, books, music... All of these connect with our imagination!

What is your favourite place to draw?

It's more about the moment than the place. But of course a good table with lot of sunlight is our favorite one!

And finally, if you were able to go back to your childhood for one day, where would you go back to and why?

We would go back to our grandmothers. As children, we had tons of fun with them: we made lots of cookies and sweet popcorn. We drew and modelled clay. We learnt how to do fabric toys, and also how to knit. And we walked with their high heels on!

Thank you Chicas, speak soon!