Draw me something: Evgenia Barinova.

Evgenia Barinova has been a regular contributor of Anorak for a good three years and was instrumental in Anorak looking so great in the last two when she was our Chief Designer! Last year, this super talented lady went back to Russia (where she is originally from) to become a lecturer at Moscow's British Higher School of Art and Design. I am really proud to have worked with her on Spill the Beans, an anthology of kids writing for the Royal Barts hospital, which she fully illustrated and designed.

Who or what inspired you to draw?
I think it must have been my grandmother. She used to carve wooden window frames and would always show me how to draw things. We spent lots of evenings drawing and laughing together.

Where do you go to find inspiration?
The best places for me are museums, I love folk arts and crafts! Another good one is gardens and parks, nature is incredibly inspiring.

Who is your drawing hero?
I've got two - Picasso and David Hockney. They are incredible!

Describe your ideal drawing environment.
That would have to be buses and trains when it comes to sketchbooks. But otherwise I enjoy drawing and painting at home, mostly at night somehow. Whenever I move houses, I tend to take all my stuff around and create my own little 'nest' - it makes the place comfy and helps me settle down.

On top of her day job, Evgenia is currently illustrating a weekly column for Afisha Magazine. Lose yourself in Evgenia's world here.