Draw me something: Jurg Lindenberger

I am super proud to introduce you to Anorak's new chief illustrator, Jurg Lindenberger. His work never fails to make me smile with its unique blend of fun, slightly bonkers but always happy characters. In the last year or so, Jurg's life has been completely 'anorakized' as he went from drawing one game for us to now illustrating all of Anorak's regular sections, creating Anorak the Happy Hero character and drawing The Big Book of Anorak's cover. We have many plans in the pipeline and can't wait to share them with you all!

Who or what inspired you to draw?
As a kid I loved comics like Tintin, Asterix and Lucky Luke. I think these had a huge impact on me. I also loved to look at pictures in encyclopedias for kids, like detailed drawings of planes and ships and things like that. Later as a teenager I was really into heavy metal and skateboarding and their visual language definitely had an influence on me too.

Where do you go to find inspiration?
I try to find inspiration in my day-to-day routine. If this doesn't work I go to the local library or for a little walk around town. There's also a lot of illustrators whose work I admire that inspire me too.

Who is your drawing hero?
Hmm, I'm not sure if I have a drawing hero. But there's definitely a lot of people whose graphic work I love. Some graphic heroes of mine are skateboard pro and artist Ed Templeton, Miffy's father Dick Bruna, Geoff Mcfetridge, Jockum Nordström and many many more.

Describe your ideal drawing environment.
Best would be a little studio space in a nice wooden house by the sea with small but surfable waves rolling in. In the garden there would be a mini-ramp and a studio cat to cuddle. And I would have all the cool pencils that exist. Oh, and every Friday there would be a barbecue!

Thank you Jurg!
Jurg is currently working on some fun illustrations for a postcard series and enjoying watching his young baby daughter grow.