Draw me something: Marcus Oakley.

Drawing dreams, now there's a challenge. One that artist extraordinaire Marcus Oakley rose to magnificently with the cover of our latest edition. I love staring at Marcus's drawings for they have a uniquely soothing and joyful quality to them. MASSIVE fan, basically. I'll stop gushing now.

Who or what inspired you to draw?
Looking back now I think television and comics. I remember I was always drawing super heros, monsters and epic scenes from old films like Jason and Argonauts. The area I grew up in Norfolk also had a positive influence on my work. I spent my childhood playing in woods, climbing trees, making dens and picking clay out of the earth to make funny looking handmade pots which I would dry in the sun. I just wanted to be outside doing something, making something.

Where do you go to find inspiration?
My work is inspired by many many things – both retrospective and contemporary. My influences include folky, harmonic and melodic musics of all kinds; the pastoral and folkloric delights of the countryside and the various eccentric beasts and humans that inhabit it; the joys of cycling; the stimulations of tea; the dizzy geometries of architecture and design – and overall the wonders of making stuff.

Who is your drawing hero?
I don't have one specific hero. I don’t know their names or personally who they are ? I love the work made by people from hundreds and thousands of years ago by many cultures from all over the world. Particular favourites of mine are Greek Cycladic art, Japanese dogu figures and Totem poles by the First Nations people of the Pacfic Northwest Coast. I like the craft and honesty of these objects.

Describe your ideal drawing environment.
I spend to much time looking at a computer screen, so the ideal environment would be somewhere outside with a drawing board, paper, pens, paint a flask of tea and maybe some fruit cake.

Thank you Marcus!
Marcus is currently trying to remember how to play the guitar for his up and coming performance at Pick Me UP graphic arts festival. If you would like to see Marcus drawing a giraffe wearing a bikini, click here.