Draw me something: Timothy Hunt.

This week, our drawing hero is Yorkshire born and bred Timothy Hunt. I am generally in awe of how artists turn the simplest shapes into incredible drawings and Tim's work is the perfect example of that magical process. I love the playfulness of his style and how its pared down but super colourful art never fails to inspire our little readers to take up a pen and draw.

Who or what inspired you to draw?
Seeing comic characters I think, the first thing I remember doing at school was painting Rupert the Bear. I think I liked the bold colours a lot. My Dad can draw well too and is very creative.

Where do you go to find inspiration?
I find sitting in silence can be good, or going for walks or cycling in the woods. Magma books in Manchester usually gets me really excited.

Who is your drawing hero?
I like the drawings of Andy Warhol and also Lowry. There's something really good about seeing artists sketches, I feel like that's where the fun is for me, the playfulness and personality of sketches.

Describe your ideal drawing environment.
A quiet room sat at wooden desk with plants in it and plenty of natural light, then in the evening a nice desk lamp and cups of tea, (the kind of thing you would find on Pinterest)

Timothy has recently started screen printing again and you can purchase some of his lovely prints here . You can also enjoy Tim's work in the latest edition of Anorak and in the newly released volume 3 of our Happy Activity Book.