Eat Stuff: Ice creams.

Aaah ice creams. We love them so much, especially after school on a sunny day. We sample new flavours from our local ice cream van (home made by the lady of the van herself) whenever our temperamental London weather permits it.

So far, our clear favourite remains the tangy bubble gum, although green apple is pretty good and rainbow is always a hit with the kiddies. For those of you who have not experienced Rainbow, it is bubble gum, apple, cherry and lemon all in one. May sound weird but it's really nice. Trust us.

On a non-school day, we love ALL the gelatos on offer at the fabulous Snowflake (Soho) . In fact this week, we went twice. Obsessed, us?

The most memorable ice creams we have ever had were the ones we tasted in France, first in Lyons a couple of years ago, where we still remember the taste of the to-die-for Nutella flavour, the (surprisingly) delicious Rose and the fabulously rich Hazelnut.

Then, during a short trip to the Île de Ré last year, we discovered the amazing La Martinière where we sampled Basil & Lime, Kiwi, Fig, Poppy Seeds & Strawberry. I must confess that while we were intrigued by the Oyster or even Potato flavours, we didn't have the courage to try them! Maybe next time.

Follow our (almost) daily ice cream adventures on our Instagram page here. Wishing you a sunny, ice-cream filled summer!