Fold, Fold, Foldie!

Folding clothes is BORING. Or is it? Thanks to the ingenious invention of our friend (and young Mamma) Helga, folding is about to become THE NUMBER ONE activity of choice for all kids (and us adults too!).

Cue FOLDIE, the tee-shirt that teaches your kids how to fold in the most fun way EVER!

Here's how these wonderful tees work: you buy your lil' one a tee-shirt with a picture of a smiling girl on the front. You get them to fold both sides and that picture turns into a dog! Once they have folded it all, a new image appears and this time it is one of a princess! And that's not all. A tee with a robot on the front turns into a car that turns into a road!


I ADORE Helga's collection of educational tees and cannot wait to see her range grow, hopefully to include tees for older kids and for us grown-ups too!

Wave goodbye to messy wardrobes and get your FOLDIE tee-shirts here now!