At Anorak, we are HUGE MEGA fans of Asterix and his gang of feisty Gauls. He has been entertaining us for decades and a new movie or book is always a reason to celebrate. Guess how ecstatic we were when we heard a new film, called The Mansion of Gods, is out next week? (Answer: VERY) We sent our Little Editor Barnaby (7 years old) to an exclusive screening and here's what he thought of it. 

"This Asterix movie was about the Romans who tried to conquer Gaul by cutting down trees which made Dogmatix, Obelix’s dog, very vicious. After the Romans cut down the trees, they wanted to build a city called Mansions of the Gods with very interesting and different apartments. Asterix’s village got mad and angry at the Romans at the end of the movie.

My favourite characters were Asterix, because he was humble and brave, and obviously nimble. Secondly, Obelix, because he was very greedy and very strong. I also liked Getafix because he was very wise and he brewed the special Magic Potion that Asterix drank- I won’t tell you what happens when he drinks it, but it is very exciting! I really liked Dogmatix the little dog because he was cute and cuddly. I also like the Roman boy Mischievous because his name reflected his character.

My favourite part of the movie was when they had the big fight at the end of the movie, and also when Obelix was begging Asterix to have a little tiny sip of the Magic Potion!

I really liked the movie because it was back in time and very creative. I think five year olds and up would like this movie. I also think grown ups will enjoy the movie, because they will be able to think back to when their teachers taught them about the Romans, if they ever did!"

Thank you Barnaby! Asterix: The Mansion of Gods is out August 19th nationwide. Watch the trailer here