Good Stuff: Boy Clock Girl Clock.

Yesterday was like Christmas all over again at Anorak Towers when we received a lovely package in the post: the fun-nest clock ever, a Boy Clock. Produced in birch plywood by the illustrator, Lawrence Slater, in a wood workshop in Bermondsey (London), this beauty also comes as a Girl Clock. Here, we catch up with Lawrence about the reasons for turning his hand at making things. 

Anorak: Boy Clock/Girl Clock - where did the idea come from?

Lawrence: In the past I have worked in a workshop building things out of wood and wanted to reproduce my drawings in a 3d form. At the time it was important to me to make something with a function that had a purpose beyond decoration, a clock face seemed like the simplest and most obvious way to do this. 

Anorak: Do you have plans to make more things in wood?

Lawrence: Wood is such a great material, I love it. For me it is very satisfying when pieces are cut to size, fit together neatly and are finished and sanded to a high level. I am always trying things out and making small sculptures, some good and some not so good. I have been working on prototypes of lamps for a while now, these are due to come out later in the year.

Anorak: Exciting! What illustration news/projects can you share with us?=

Lawrence: I am currently working on a small publication of drawings that is set to be published by Tan & Loose press, a small independent publisher in the USA.

Boy Clock and Girl Clock are available to buy directly from Lawrence's shop here. For wholesale enquiries, email Lawrence here.