Happy Knitted Things.

Knitting has come a long way since my childhood days of garish multi-coloured scarves and itchy jumpers. It is now an art form in its own right. Here are some of my favourite knit & crochet artists. 

Madame Tricot, aka Erica Laurell Helberg's wonderful knitted scenes caught my eye on Instagram. Currently studying at Studio Bercot in Paris, she has only recently starting experimenting with knit & crochet. Follow her inspiring knitted adventures here

Kate Jenkins is the undisputed Queen of knitted food. Full of wit and yumminess, her designs are simply awe-inspiring. Follow Kate on Twitter here

Attic is the happy home of some of the loveliest retro crochet soft toys ever! All created by hand by a bunch of 'freelance knitters' (what a great job that sounds like!), they are the perfect cuddly creatures. Buy here

Fancy a knitted portrait of yourself, your family, or your dog? All you need to do is send the brilliant Lalala toys a picture and they will turn you into cuddly crochet versions of you! Simply brilliant! For more info, click here