As our INVENTIONS issues are making their way unto our subscribers' homes, I thought I'd share with you what and who contributed to the making of this new edition.

**Interview with London-based inventor Dominic Wilcox last November for our TOYS edition. That got me thinking about the origins of everyday objects.
**Jay Wright's drawings, who did the cover and the main feature.
**Jules Verne's books, that I devoured when I was a kid.
**Willy Wonka Gum Machine, that turns Violet Beauregarde into a giant blueberry! I want one. **Visit to the Science Museum in London. Their Launch Pad floor is full of interesting sciencey bits and machinery.
**Discovered the museum had a resident inventor, called Mark Champkins. Decided to interview him about what led him to become an inventor.
**Horrible Histories' song about Victorian inventions.

And... all these brilliantly bonkers images. Oh and some Googling too! Hope all this inspires you to invent something FUN!