Instagram Mania

I love Instagram. Maybe a bit too much. I love posting happy drawings and pictures of ice creams. I love trawling through happy images. I love discovering new feeds too. Here are some of my favourite Instagrammers at the moment, in the hope that you will share yours too via our comments box. Enjoy!

In no particular order....


Benjamin Pollocks Toyshop

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This amazing vintage toy shop located in Covent Garden and Happy Stockist mostly posts the gems they sell. Perfect for those who love nothing more than reminiscing.


Marcus Oakley

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I am very honoured and proud to count Marcus as one of our contributors as his work is simply incredible. He has just recently joined Instagram with sketches and drawings always guaranteed to delight us.


Sniff Up Daily

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A fabulous selection of Puffin books by an avid collector! Love spotting which ones I own and which ones I need!


Rob Flowers

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While I follow Rob Flowers' feed for his amazing art (of course!), the day I love checking it has to be a Friday. That's because his 'Fancy Dress Friday' finds are too hilarious to miss!


Korean Lemons

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I have no idea how I came across this Instagrammer, where they are or who they are but their posts always make me smile. Their collection of good luck charms, vintage Japanese toys and trinkets from around the world is simply to die for.


Gym Class Mag

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This superbly curated daily collection of the best magazine covers feeds my mag-addiction without having to break the bank! Put together by Steven, the maker of GymClass, an indie mag dedicated to the making of indie mags!


50 Watts Dot Com

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This is the feed of the most incredible vintage illustration site I have ever seen: 50 Watts. Their IG feed is a nice appetizer to their most excellent site.


Toru Fukuda

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I love every single drawing this wonderful Japanese artist posts, as his art is full of 60s charm. Pure joy.