It's Spring! Let's read books!

The sun is shining and that means we can go out, lie on the grass and read a good book. Here are some of our favourite reads this Spring. 

There’s a Tiger in the Garden by Lizzy Stewart (Frances Lincoln Childrens Books)

We love this new book from the very talented illustrator Lizzy Stewart. The story follows a young girl called Nora as she searches for the tiger in her Grandma’s garden. It is a fantastic book (and work of art!) that illustrates the wild world of kid’s imaginations incredibly beautifully. 

Robots by Robert Stelzer (Pavilion)

This clever book created by Brazilian designer Roberto Stelzer is one to take on picnics! It gets kids building their very own toy robots out of paper! A great hands on activity, resulting in a loveable robot friend. 

Disappearing Acts by Isabella Bunnell (Cicada Books)

Disappearing Acts is a unique take on search and find book, where kids search for endangered animals lurking in wonderfully detailed scenes. Running alongside the beautiful illustrations are descriptions of the animals and their shrinking habitats, getting kids to engage with our beloved planet's most precious creatures.

I am Henry Finch, by Alexis Deacon and Viviane Schwarz (Walker Books)

This is an uplifting and hilarious story about a little bird called Henry Finch, and his endearing struggles to become something great. He makes a lot of mistakes on the way, but his courage is inspiring, getting kids to think about what it means to make a difference. 

Migloo’s Day by William Bee (Walker Books)

Migloo’s Day is another fabulous search and find book, which follows a comical dog called Migloo as he gets lost in the busy and very silly world of Sunnytown. 

The Sky Guys by Madeline Rodgers (Mibo)

The Sky Guys is a great new cut out book from Mibo. Kids can construct five birds, including a flamingo, an owl, a hummingbird, an albatross and a pelican. Along with the inventive and beautifully designed cut outs are pages filled with bright illustrations, which teach kids about the animals environment while they get crafty. 

Blue and Other Colours with Henri Matisse (Phaidon)

One for (very young) budding artist...Blue and Other Colours takes Matisse’s colour palette, paintings and cut outs to teach young kids about colours. An excellent read to inspire creativity and learn about colour identification from one of the greats. 

Pierre the Maze Detective by Hiro Kamigaki and IC4DESIGN (Lawrence King)

The brilliant Pierre The Maze Detectives is back but this time as a colouring activity book! We love the incredibly detailed design and the crazy stories behind each maze. A fantastic book to keep little colouring addicts happy for hours. 

The What on Earth? Wallbook of British History (National Trust)

Brilliantly thought out and full of historical facts, this two metre fold-out book, depicts major events and people that have defined British history, from famous battles to the heroes of art. Easy to read and educational, it also looks great on a wall! 

Happy Reading!