Lovely things spotted on the weekend.

Book by Agata Krolak


Print by Filip Pagowski


Beautiful vintage print by Theo.


Disney Meal Sets


Bleep Bleeps


Dominic's Car


London was buzzing with creativity (even more so than usual!) this weekend with two design shows taking place as part of London Design Festival: Tent London and Design Junction. Here are some of the lovely things we spotted at both events.

Design in Poland

Fell in love with the Polish illustration showcase at Tent London, Design in Poland, particularly with the work of Agata Krolak, Filip Pagowski (of Comme des Garcons Play fame), Maria Ines Gul and Katarzyna Bogucka.


Really pleased to discover this lovely online store, Theo which sells many great things lovingly sourced from around the world, from vintage prints to paper toys AND the most amazing KING SIZE Playmobil!

Designed in Colour

Designed in Colour is all about.. colour! We particularly love these meal sets, made by (gasp!) Disney. Beyond cute!

Bleep Bleeps

Very proud of our friends at Bleep Bleeps, who after a super successful Kickstarter campaign, have now gone into production. Hooray! Check out their uber cool parenting tools here.

Dominic Wilcox's Driverless Sleeper Car.

At Design Junction, Anorak Hero & inventor Dominic Wilcox showcased his car of the future: one that needs no driver but where you can have a little snooze. Amazing!