Meet James - comics genius!

Self-portrait drawn at the London Super Comic Con.

James Clayton (9) is one of our Little Editors, although we should change his job title to Little Comics Genius. Because he simply is! Here's James sharing his passion for drawing with us:

When did you first start drawing comics?
I was probably about 5 years old and it was my interest in Spider-man that gave me the inspiration for drawing comics. I wasn't really doing realistic drawings but i was using my imagination. My drawing have always been cartoony and that's the way I like it!

What's great about drawing comics?
It's that there are no boundaries to what you draw and your imagination is the limit. I've done loads of comics at home and I gradually improved. I love the way they come together through the stages. I just love drawing.

What advice would you give to someone who is not confident about drawing?
You have to give it your best shot and the only thing that's keeping you from doing it is yourself. If you draw on a regular basis you improve over time. I started off by copying from books and then I gradually formed my own style of illustration, give it your best shot and you'll be a pro in no time!

Thank you James! That's amazing advice and we look forward to receiving your new comic for our next issue!