Museum of London x Anorak

At Anorak, we are HUGE fans of the Museum of London so any opportunities to get involved is always such a treat!

We were lucky enough to be commissioned by the Museum's events team to create a 4m colouring floor for last week's private viewing of their new exhibition Fire! Fire! opening July 23rd. 

Studio Anorak's new recruit Ollie Silvester drew a 17th Century scene of the London area affected by the Great Fire complete with 'anorakisms' such as a walking fish, a suitcase carrying house and giants trying to put out the fire with little buckets!

All little VIPs present at this very special party put their hearts and soul into colouring it in and the map even received the seal of approval of Samuel Pepys himself. No joking.

Fire! Fire! opens at the Museum of London on 23rd July. Book tickets here