National Children's Day.

Today is OUR day. Well, it's YOUR day. It's National Children's Day! What does that mean? We think it means you, all kids, MUST take over the world, go outside and play all day! Hooray.

What could you do to celebrate your wonderfulness and your rights? Firstly, tell your teachers you are in charge. Which means you will be building dens, having tea parties and a good ol' jig around the classroom all day. Yes, all day.

Then tell your parents you are in charge. This means you will spend the rest of your day eating ice cream, using Granddad as a horse and drawing. (Maybe not on walls. Although it is tempting...)

Whatever you do, enjoy YOUR day and if you do anything special, please take pictures and send them to the National Children's Day's site so they can tell the whole world about it.