Our Queen of Vintage, Saskia Ericson, helps us celebrate our season of cakes  with some classic animal cakes.

"In the olden days, before Pinterest, parents found birthday cake inspiration in leaflets, including the amazing Animal cut-up cakes from Baker’s Coconut (1959). 

A square or round cake was sliced into segments according to the instructions, re-assembled into an animal shape then roughly slathered with proper buttery frosting (because seriously, what kid actually likes the taste of fondant)? Added to this was the magic of sweets! Look at these cute lil’ liquorice legs!

Leonard the Lion and Timothy Tiger were coveted by 80s kids. They featured in the classic Australian Women's Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book (1980), which was reprinted more than 15 times and sold all over the world. 

My best-ever birthday cake was a chocolate teddy made by my mum, with biscuits for ears and a long row of sweets for buttons. What’s your favourite cake memory?"