OLD STUFF: Melissa the Mermaid.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock (ha!), you will have noticed that this month, we celebrate all things UNDER THE SEA. This week, our vintage Queen Saskia Ericson introduces her to a series of fabulous Australian books about two friendly dolls Sue and Jenny, dating from the mid 60s. 

"Hello Anorak friends! Say hi to Melissa the Mermaid and Seymour Seaweed the Sea Urchin! They featured in two classic Australian children’s books, written and photographed by husband and wife team Bruce and June MacPherson. Bruce and June created many books together, including six for the ‘True Australian Series’ featuring  Sue and Jenny, a pair of adventurous doll friends.

In this book The Sea Urchin (1963), Sue and Jenny meet Seymour Seaweed, who is actually a helpful knitted water pixie, and was created by a lady named Merla Ratcliffe. Seymour helps to rescue poor Jenny after she becomes tangled in a crab net. In another book called The Blue Opal (1965) Sue and Jenny help Melissa the Mermaid find her missing pearl necklace, with the help of their magic blue opal. One day we will introduce you to some of Sue and Jenny’s other friends like Basil Banksia the Bush Clown and the Mushroom Men! 

FUN ACTIVITY: Take some photos of your own dolls having adventures, make a book and share it with us!"

By Saskia Ericson