Petillon's Balloons.

Last Autumn, a French artist called Charles Petillon filled Covent Garden with 100,000 white balloons. It was utterly magical to witness how these seemingly mundane balloons created different perspectives, at times looking like a giant cloud or like an alien cell.

We are pleased to report the balloons are back! Invasions, at the Magda Danysz Gallery is a photographic exhibition of the artist filling all manners of spaces with the balloons: there are some eerily floating in a forest, some joyously perched on a childrens' slide, others pouring out of a house and or a burnt car. Just mesmerizing!

This brilliant exhibition runs until February 20th, when the balloons currently occupying the gallery space will be given away to kids in the local area. 

Charles Petillon: Invasions. Magda Danysz Gallery. Until February 20th.