The Big Book of Anorak.

Throughout the last seven years, many of you have commented that Anorak isn't really a magazine, that it's more like a book. Today, these flattering comments ring truer than ever as Anorak has indeed become a book. A real proper book. A big book in fact. A MASSIVE hardback book!

The Big Book of Anorak is a celebration of seven years of publishing Anorak. It carries some of the stories, games, features and activities from our very early editions, which are now all sold out.

As I was going through our archives, I was struck by how all these editions have survived the test of times and how in fact, I could easily re-launch issue one now and it would still work! (Just for the record, that's not part of my plans!)

This little exercise in looking back made me realize that, without really being aware of it at the time, Anorak was born out of a desire to not only create a magazine that all kids would enjoy, regardless of their age or gender, but also one that would accompany them throughout the amazingly creative and bonkers phase that childhood is. For however long childhood lasts. (For some of us, it just lasts a little longer than others!)
In a world where we consume quickly and throw away even quicker, I am HUGELY thankful that I have been able to publish something that is long lasting and that many kids of all ages enjoy throughout different stages of their lives.

Hopefully, The Big Book will be exactly like Anorak; it would be lovely if it was read, re-read and read again and again and once all read, if it was passed down from Big Sis' to Lil' Bro for years (or decades!) to come. And that in year 2122, little alien-kids fight over it in their inter-galactic playgrounds!

In the meantime, I would like to dedicate The Big Book to ALL of you contributors, illustrators, shops, little fans, grown-up fans, friends, journalists, mums, Dads, bloggers, libraries, grandparents, museums, followers, brands, likers, mag-lovers, for being such devout and loyal supporters. I am grateful to you all. Unto the next 7 or even 700 years!

To get your own copy of The Big Book, please visit one of our beloved independent stockists or buy it online here.