The most extraordinary cake ever!

When our friend Jai from Cooshi Cakes got in touch to say she loves our covers and would love to make a cake out of one of them, I readily accepted as I thought it'd be fun.
It was when a very anxious courier rang our doorbell on Monday and asked me to come and help him to carry a giant cake upstairs that the penny dropped.

Jai hadn't just made a cake using one of our covers. She had made the most EXTRAORDINARY cake we had ever seen! Not only was it gigantic and did require two people to carry it, but it was also a work of art! Jai took inspiration from the cover of our TOYS issue which original artwork was by Supermundane. She painstakinly recreated every little crazy character that Supermundane had drawn. I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E.

All we were able to do with it for a couple of days was stare at it and take thousands of pictures of it. We couldn't even bring ourselves to eat it! We finally decided to bring it to my son's school (as it was his birthday that week) and share it with all our lil' pals (and teachers!) I can't even begin to tell you how impressed everyone was. On top of being so amazingly beautiful, it was also delicious! A nice fluffy sponge layered with strawberry jam. YUM. I managed to save the little Anorak character, which I intend on keeping as a souvenir!

A massive, humungous thank you to the amazing ladies at Cooshi Cakes for making this week truly magical!