When you think circus, you don't necessarily think lumberjacks or wood chopping. Well, think again!
The brilliant Canadian troupe, Cirque Alfonse, is currently in town with their new show TIMBER, where they perform some extraordinary circus skills, using all manners of stuff one would find in a remote Canadian barn. So juggling is done with axes and acrobatics are done on tree trunks! We thoroughly enjoyed this daring barn-inspired show, as it beautifully merges the world of circus and the world of logging in a raucous, hair-raising and unpredictable way.

Here's what Oscar (11 years old) thought of it: “At first, I was a bit scared because they were juggling with axes and we were sitting right at the front. But after a few minutes, I knew I was safe because I realized they were very well trained. They take quite a lot of risks. I most enjoyed when they had three stumps on the floor and the main guys were standing on them and were doing acrobatics on them. There were lots of really good acrobatics, with axes and even seesaws too! The Granddad was funny and I loved it when he started flying. I’d recommend this show for all families.”

Timber is currently showing at the Southbank Centre. Book your tickets here NOW.