When I was a Kid: Anna Dunn.

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for the latest post in our WHEN I WAS A KID series. Today, DOT's drawer-in-chief Anna-Lise Dunn, remembers what inspired her as a kid.

When I was a kid... 

I used to collect... I’ve never really collected anything, but I remember I briefly liked the idea of collecting something and decided my ‘thing' would be miniature drinks cans…I have absolutely no idea why, they were just the same as normal drinks cans but smaller, and you could buy them in the pick and mix section of Woolworths (RIP)

I used to watch... The Flumps, Willo The Wisp, The Trap Door, Bertha, The Racoons, Round the Twist, and then lots of 90’s comedy such as Vic and Bob, Bottom, Red Dwarf and Fist of Fun. Also, I grew up in Scotland and the bane of my summer holidays was that all the ‘kids TV’ wouldn’t start until the English schools went on holiday, which was TWO WEEKS after us, and consequently I would have to start back for the Autumn term in the knowledge that all the kids in England would be having a grand time watching Saved by The Bell for another two weeks while I was slaving away at school!!

I used to dream... Of getting a pet cat. I would cut pictures of cats out of cat food adverts from magazines and stick them on my wall. When we eventually got one, I named it after Scottish TV detective Hamish Macbeth (despite it being a girl) and it was pretty much the best day EVER.

I used to read... The Alfie books and Dogger by Shirley Hughes, the Mog books and The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr, Mr Gumpy by John Burningham, Alpaca by Rosemary Billam. Then when I was a little older I obsessively read Smash Hits, NME and Melody Maker.

Now I... Still love cats, children’s books, and TV. Miniature drinks cans..not so much.