First Prize by Luka Va. See full drawing here.

Runner-up by Marisa Morea. See full drawing here.

Runner-up by Hannah Warren. See full drawing here.

Runner-up by George Chislett. See full drawing here.

Runner-up by Evgenia Nikolova. See full drawing here.

Runner-up by Andre Petranin. See full drawing here.

Now, that really wasn't easy. Picking six winners from 103 fabulous entries was quite a task. Firstly, I would like to thank all of you who have sent their games in. The quality of drawings and games you guys sent was extremely high as you can judge for yourself on our Flickr page.

SOOOOO, after much deliberation, here are our winners!

The first prize goes to.... Luka Vaitkeviciene whose cat game is not only beautifully illustrated but also fun.

Runners up are George Chislett, Hannah Warren, Marisa Morea, Andrey Petranin and Evgenia Nikolova.

As it was too difficult to let go of some of the other entries, I decided to re-jig the content of our GAMES edition and to publish a few more! I have contacted all the ones that will be featured so check your inbox/junk mail to see whether you are one of the lucky ones.

I cannot wait to share with you all this Summer special, which will be out mid July. I know our readers will have a huge amount of fun doing your lovely games.

Thank you again EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU and also huge thanks to our lovely sponsors Foyles and Stabilo.