Writing inspiration.

Here's what inspired me to explore the theme of WRITING for our latest edition.

**I have always loved writing. It is truly magical and I get a bit sad when I see kids spending so little time taking pride in their handwriting. To me, it's as fun as drawing so how can typing on a keyboard be preferred?!
**Dr Finkel, the man who rescues diaries. I discovered all about him and his collection on the radio, met him a couple of times to discuss diary writing and rummage through his collection. He sees discarded diaries as invaluable pieces of social history and he is not the only one as the Bishopsgate Institute (London) has agreed to archive his incredible collection.
**I have been writing a diary since I was the age of eight.
**Visit to the Museum of London where I spotted a Roman writing set, complete with a stylus and wax.
**Pens, pencils, stationery, notebooks. A visit to the amazing Ito-Ya in Tokyo. The wonderful paper goods on the Present & Correct site. The small but perfectly formed selection of stationery on Tea & Kate site.
**Visit to the British Library where I spent the good part of a day staring at manuscripts.
**Postcards. Never fail to send one to friends and families when we are away. Receiving (and sending) postcards makes people happy!

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