food is fun
volume one



This book is THE only lil' foodie bible you will need to get inspired and excited about food. In Food is Fun, there are fun recipes ("Super Easy Cake a Monkey could Make"), foodie games ("Spot how many 'chews' you can find in Chew-Ville"), vegetable profiles ("I am not a maniac, I am a celeriac!"), a brief history of the fork, what to do with tarts and toasts, yummy word searches and plenty plenty more.

When we say plenty plenty more, we mean plenty plenty more because this book is a whopping 160 pages! All dedicated to the love of fruits and vegetables.

Suitable for the whole family and for little foodies over 5.

"It's a beautifully designed and very well constructed mishmash – a cross between a scrapbook and an old-fashioned annual."

—The Guardian.