Issue 47 - FOOTBALL



Anorak Vol 47 Cover.jpg


Anorak is gripped by a special kind of fever this Summer: football fever! 

In this footie-tastic edition, we travel to the Happy Land of Football! There, we explore the facts and the heroes behind this amazing sport, and how a game that started with a few people kicking a ball of feathers around has now become the most-played sport on the planet.

We meet Tom who has big footballing dreams, Jawahir Roble the first Muslim female referee in the world, Liv Cooke the freestyling champ' and Martin Side-Partin who doesn't love football but does love his hair.

Fun games also feature in this sporty edition and we show you how to make your very own table football game! 

Please note that this issue will be sent out end of JULY.