Issue 31


We kick off 2014 with a trip to DREAMLAND! Why? Because dreaming is our favourite hobby here at Anorak Magazine. Well, apart from eating ice creams, that is. In this super colourful edition, we interview a Dreams expert to find out why we dream, we discover how dreaming has influenced many peoples throughout history and we invite you to pay a visit to the Shop of Dreams. On top of all this dreamy stuff, there are games, activities and comics that are sure to fire up your imagination!

Our contributors in this issue include:

Marcus Oakley 
Jurg Lindenberger 
Anna Dunn 
Kyle Platts 
Zhang Liang 
Ed Cheverton 
Cachete Jack 
Marcelo Badari 
Tsz Ludford 
Krystina Baczynski 
Timothy Hunt 
Jack Bailey 
Jayde Perkin